How Does Twitter help your blog? My performance covering the rise of nationalism in Europe

For the past month, I focused my posts exclusively on analysing the political situation in Europe, due to the rise of active nationalist parties, using different approaches like interviews, data or video.

Thanks to this  extend project, I’ve noticed a considerable increase in the number of viewers and visitors, that you can see easily on this graph, being the past May 3rd the day that my blog received more visits.


However, this achievement wouldn’t be possible without my Twitter account.

For the past month, I’ve been developing my profile on Twitter as professional journalist, following local and national journalists, creating lists, setting up a professional bio and tweeting as much as I could.

But also, I had attached on my bio my blog, as a professional CV of what I’m doing and I’e done experimenting with different formats.

So, Twitter has had a direct relation with the success of my blog, and that is why I’ve been using it to share and promote all my work around nationalism. And it has worked better than I expected.

Most of my tweets had an interaction ( likes, retweets, mentions…) with other users,  what helped with the visibility.

On a simple graph, I show which were the tweets that performanced better and worse     ( talking about interaction percentages, considering over 3% a good result and under 2% a bad one).

Over viewing all these tweets, I can notice that those that performanced relatively good were tweets asking for collaborations for my post, sharing my blog or have a gif or video embedded.

On the other hand, those that didn’t performance as I wanted were retweets or comments about political affairs, but without any other relevance.

To conclude, I have to recommend, to all blog users, to not be lazy and use Twitter more often, daily if possible. Facebook can help you to share you content among you friends and colleagues, but if you want to contact professional and share your work on a bigger scale, Twitter is the answer.

Thanks for reading!


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