C’est la vie Marine! Why you shouldn’t vote for Le Pen in 10 words or less

In less than four days French citizens will have to go back to their polling stations or closest Embassy to vote between the young Europhile Emmanuel Macron or the charismatic and Europhobe Marine Le Pen.

Their differences in foreign affairs, defence, the EU and immigration are so strong that this new election will show, definitely, if France is the prove that the fear to immigration and the discontented about the European Union is leaving a mark on our society.

But among the French expatriates in Birmingham the decision is clear: Marine Le Pen cannot become in the next French Prime Minister.

I’ve asked to some of them to give me their impressions on Le Pen in ten words or less, and here is the result.

If you want to know more about Le Pen and Macron before the elections, some good articles that you should read are:

How do Le Pen and Macron differ on world affairs? By BBC

Macron vs Le Pen: Where do they stand on key issues? by The Week

Macron and Le Pen to square off in French pre-election TV showdown. By Reuters

Don’t believe the liberals – there is no real choice between Le Pen and Macron. By Independent


But if you really want to know my impression about Le Pen, her politics, her party and her speeches I have a gif that describe all perfectly.

Thank for reading, thanks for watching!




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