Neo-nationalism? A pre-elections overview

Just 24 hours after the terrorist attack in Les Champs Elysees, but with the ideas really clear, the four main candidates are ready for the first round in the Frech Presidential Election this Sunday. And people can´t forget what is on the line.

new france

If Marine Le Pen pass the first round would mean that she could become in the most important politician runing a neo-nationalism party in Europe, what could affect directly to other polls, like the elections in the UK June 8.

For all those that haven´t realised about the political situation in Europe yet, I have made a short video introduction to this problematic with the Biteable (a simple but visual video app that help you to produce videos really quick and easilly).

What is nationalism? on Biteable.

The eye of all Europe will be on France on Sunday 23, and if the polls are right, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen would be the two nominies that will past to the second round of the Presidential Elections, expected for May 7.

infografia 1infografia 3

But the effect that the last terrorist attack would have in the elections is unpredictable, but clearly decisive, where nominies have already started to blame each other for using the killing of the police officer Xavier Jugelé last Thrusday for political  motivations.

Also, after the attack, most of the main leaders of different countries sent their condolences to the victims of the attack and France. But still, in this moment of terror, there were space for intolerant coments from those more conservatives and extremist.

trump about france
Donald Trump remarked the effect that this attack would have on the election next Sunday
Party of Freedom Geert Wilders didn´t  miss the opportunity for retweeting an own old tweet against muslims the same day of the terrorist attack in Paris
marine le pen tw
One day after the terrorist attack Marine Le Pen declared “The fights against terrorism will start taking back control of our borders” @MLP_officiel

To know more about the French Presidential Elections or the attack in Les Champs Elysees some articles that you might want to read are “The nationalism is scary”, “Shadow of terror” and “France´s growing nationalism”.

Any comment, opinion or other kind of feedback? Please, keep in touch!

Thanks for reading, thanks for watching!


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