Rise of Nationalism in Europe: An introduction through online media

Among all words in our vocabulary, Nationalism could be one of the most frighten to hear for Europeans.

The history behind this word left an open wound in Europe after the Second War World that took time to heal, but the XXI century has shown that, unfortunately, the extremism has still space in our society.

Many newspapers have pointed in the past year the disruption of the extremist right into the political field in Europe, motivated, above all for the economic crisis, migration problems and the EU commands.

And this trend, that should affect more intensively to those more unstable countries is hitting all Europe at once.

A really useful article by the BBC gives an overview in detail of what is happening in those countries with a National Party with a remarkable representation ( that represent half of the countries in the European Union).

FOTO 6.png

And which are the human faces of these political movements? what they claim? what they want to accomplished?

The first and most notorious one from the beginning of the XXI century was the Golden Dawn in Greece. Founded by Nikos Michaloliakos, euro-anti-Muslim and immigrants are some of their main claims, strongly motivated by their situation during and after the economic crisis.

foto 7
Ilias Kasidiaris, Golden Dawn representative in the Parliament with the flag of the party, that reminds to the swastika

Marine Le Pen’s National Front Party (NF) in France is leading the pols for the presidential elections on April 23, one of the worst fear of Europe. The National Front, founded by Marine Le Pen father have make in the last year a tough campaign against Muslim in France and the arrival of Refugees to their country, above all after the numerous terrorist attack that have been suffering since 2015.

@MarienLePen Twitter account

And of course we can’t forget to mention UKIP, the National party that, under the leadership of Nigel Farage, guided the UK to vote to leave the European Union to “get their country back”.

foto 8
Tweet from @Nigel_Farage Twitter account

Other leaders that have shake Europe in the past year positioning themselves as second of the third most powerful party have been Norbert Hofer in Nederland (Freedom Party), Jimmie Akesson in Sweden, (Sweden Democrat Party) or Gabor Vona in Hungary ( Jobbik party).

This matter is being a tough adversary to beat in Europe, and, just like Brexit in the UK, it is going to be a a long battle to cover by the media for the following years.

That is why I think that it would be interesting to make a visual project about this new political challenge in Europe, showing perspective, data and professional opinions to know what is happening and where are we going with this Neo-Nationalism.

Some resources to watch about Nationalism are the followings:

Also, some articles that you must read ( if you are interested in the matter):

Neonationalism theaten Europe

Europe rising far right

What is behind a rise in Ethnic Nationalism?

The masive rise of Neo-Nationalism

Is Europe lurching to the far right?

Thanks for reading! And if you want to see some of my visual work covering this matter stay tune to my next posts.



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