Shooting individuals: My first recording experience in 2017

Last time that I shot, edited and produced a video was for the USA election program that we streamed from the Media faculty in Birmingham City University. An experience that taught me a lot, and always making tons of mistakes.

Today, I want to share with you a short video to show what you have to do and not when you are shooting an event, especially a talk, class or any newsworthy event that involve speakers.

See video here  ( YouTube don’t allow me to embedded the video to the post).

Here there are some things that I won’t like to highlight, good and bad things:

The background music is not bad, simple and quite. Usually, I just type music for videos and I choose the one that fits the better with the video.

 did some nice shots with the camera, like these ones:

But other were just… well:

Here the shoot is awful, showing too much-left side where is nothing and cutting visibly the power point.


And here, is not that much a problem of the shoot but light, you can barely see that the speaker is there ( but in a university class is something to expect, so better carry with you some extra camera lights).


I think that the subtitles are nice too, simple, in white, but I will prefer a basic calligraphy type, to be honest.

The audio and video transition are quite simple, what fits for this kind of video.

I would like to add some quotes subtitle at the end of the video with the different talks, to summarize what the speakers were talking about, but for some reason premiere, at some point, didn’t allow me to create more subtitles.

The last shoot was provable to long if this would be a video and I would have to promote it or just share it in the social media people will get probably bored. Each talk shouldn’t be longer than 10 seconds.

Also, the video quality is obliviously so low, but I used my old camera to practice so… yeah, you sorry.

ANY OTHER DEFECT THAT YOU WILL LIKE TO COMMENT?  Please, share your thoughts with me!

Thank you!!!


2 thoughts on “Shooting individuals: My first recording experience in 2017”

  1. Nice critical reflection on your own work. I’m not sure why you say YouTube won’t let you embed the video – it’s your video so you can enable or disable embedding. I tried it on a blog and it worked fine, so is there some other reason?


    1. THANK YOU Paul! I really don’t know what is happening with the video. I’m always able to embed but when I try to copy the link it changes automatically to other link and shows nothing. I will show you next time!


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