How to shoot a video without look like an amateur: 7 tips to follow

Before to create a newsworthy video to publish, I believe that it is necessary to know some basic knowledge about shooting and filming, because video journalism is something else that have an expensive and fancy camera.


1)  Even a phone camera can be an amazing video tool. The connectivity that social networks and the Internet have to create in our society needs from videos that can be shared ASAP. Doesn’t have to be the shoot of your life as far as what you have recorded is telling a story.

The BBC academy shows some useful tips on how to be a journalism without any more help than your smartphone.

2) Leading with the previous tips, you always need a good internet connection. It won’t be pleasant to loose the exclusive of something for having a bad broadband with your phone company.

3) Do not shoot in VERTICAL! Sometimes, if the angle is needed, you can record like that, but if this video going to be used for a news reportage or any other kind of news package you will have just half shoot with backspaced on both sides.


4) Look for the right spot for your video. If you are schedule an interview you aren’t going to do it in the middle of a park, are you? Find a nice a quite place, like a room (unless the interest from the interviewee is in a specific spot). Otherwise, a quite place, above all if show any kind of background in connection with the interviewee ( like a room hospital if it is a doctor, a lab if we are talking about a scientist etc.).

5)Avoid backlighting. For obvious reasons (unless you don’t want to show someone face).

This is just awful…

6)Invest in microphones. There aren’t so expensive and it will improve the sound a lot in your videos. At least buy one clip microphone for interviews and a stereo microphone for your camera or smartphone, above all to record outdoors.  A tripod is also a good investment.

This is the clip microphone that I have to record interviews

7) Know what is happening before shooting. If there is a strike right the right people and moments, and not just everything. And the same with interviews. Ask the right questions, don’t go expecting that the interviewee will tell you what you want to listen, don’t ask things that you already know and try to make the conversation flow, don’t force things.

I could also say that you will need of course a good camera and a bunch of equipment, but with these first steps, I believe that you will have what you need to jump into online journalism without struggling much.

But if you need some extra help, here there is a really good and useful video that has inspired me to make this post. Hope that it will be helpful.

Do you know any other useful videos or tips for shooting? Plase share it with me!


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