Gif maker apps: The best way to add visual content to your work

Before moving forward with video making and edition, I though that It will be useful to start with the easiest but incredible powerful way to produce visual content: gifs.


Although many people thinks that gifs are just a way of entertainment or simply memes, nowadays gifs are part of the journalistic industry, providing visual value to different kinds of content.

A good example of a medium that have been using gifs successfully is BuzzFeed.This news website has created its whole business around visual content, above all photos, gifs and visual data.


There are many places where you can find free gifs that you could use for your blog or social media account, like Giphy, but I think that it is even better to create your personal gifs, showing also creativity skills and additional knowledge in this field .

If you want to work from your laptop, some websites that you can use to create an animated gifs are Make a Gif, Gif Creator or again Giphy website.

But I honestly think that it is better for journalists to use gif maker apps from your mobile phone or table, to be able to shoot scenes, edited and shared them faster.

IOS has really good apps for this purpose, like Gifboom, Cinegram or Giffer!, but I personally prefer Gif Maker.

I’ve been using it for different projects for a couple of months already, and this app has taught me that, as journalist, gifs can be used for:

  1. What is going on? Give a visual contextualisation to an event.
    Data Hack day at BCU

    For this events covering (usually shared through Twitter or Instagram) the motion play a really important role. Usually, if you use fast motion give a wider covering of what is happening.


  2. To give a behind the scene. Working in the News Day week I needed to upload information about what we were doing during the recording process and breaks, a amusing way to share information.
    Gif embedded on a Tweet about the scratch news team

    3. Compelling visual content. This is so useful if you have done a photo reportage or you want to give some data visualisation. I got this idea after reading a post in the Online Journalism blog about Liven up your blog post by adding an animated GIF.

    Gif for my Birmingham photo reportage

    I’m really enjoying this kind of visual content, and I’ll continue investigating different ways to apply it to my work and provably to other visual platform, like Snapchat.

If you know any other ways to gif creation please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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