New blog, new begining, new field: Video journalism and journalist that you need to know

I’m quite glad That I finally got rid of my previous worpress page, because let’s be honest, it was a mess between my first steps in this domain and what i’ve been doing since I started my master in online journalism in Birmingham, so it was to something new and different.

Recently I’ve been working intensively with data journalism, and I’m proud if what I’ve achieved and learn, but it was time to experiment with a next online format: video journalism.

As a beginer, I’ve worked with premiere and Imovie to create short video, and also I’ve used live tools like in Facebook, Snatchap and Instagram. But due to video for journalism have many faces that I want to explore I’ve decided to make a list of different video journalism specialist, to start my path in this field.



Pette Pattisson: It is a journalist based on Nepal that works for the BBC. He does some interesting and deep project nut just with video, but photography.

Pattisson Website

Rob Montgomery: Proffesor and freelance journalist, has worked with the Gerald Tribune and The Sun among others. He works above all with social videos and storytellings.

Montgomery Website

Sean Patrick Farrell: Video editor for the wired in San Francisco. He has filmed video around the world, focused on bussiness, dinning, sport and culture and also documentaries.

S.P Farrel Website

Yusuf Omar: He practises what he defines as “selfie journalism”, working mostly with snatchap for storytelling videos.

Omar Twitter Account

This is just a short introduction to the field that I hope to be fluent in in a couple. Of months.

For my next posts I will go deeper in other ways of video like gifs.

This is just about to start!


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